Friday, October 28, 2016

Fresh grass

"Fresh grass"
8x8 inch / 20,3x 20,3 cm
oil on stretched canvas
We met this horse on the way biking. He looked great in his zebra patterned blanket. We gave him some fresh grass and I shot a bunch of pictures. There was no bright sunlight, something I am always looking for, but I learned also that on a grey day you can judge colors better. It's never boring to paint a  horse, I love it!

I always forget this but now I made some pictures of my paintingprocess;

Usually I tone my canvas with burned sienna so it has a medium value. Now I wanted to try something new to see if I could block in the colors better- keeping the colors fresher maybe.

Then, first the outlines of the horse, based on the picture on my laptop or phone:

Then blocking in colors quickly:

Then darks and lights, adjust colors and detail, leave it for a day and finish it the next day, change things that may be disturbing, add highlights and last details.


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