Friday, March 17, 2017

Building a hut

"Building a hut"
8x8 inch / 20x20 cm
oil on stretched canvas

In 2 weeks I have a masterclas with Roos Schuring at the beach, I am looking SO forward to that, I'm counting the days. She makes amazing paintings and I have been following and admiring her work for years. I think I will learn great things from her. In preparation, I go outside regularly now to paint plein air. It is something I always wanted but never really dared to do. Out of my comfort zone.
This one is from a safe place: my backyard :) Kids are building a hut from waste, the blue color looks good in the still fairly colorless surrounding.
I am lucky I live in a bit of nature in the city, enough to see and paint from here. It is so much easier to get the colors right and it is totally different than painting from a picture or a computer screen.


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