Thursday, April 6, 2017

plein air painting

So, I have had the most amazing week paintwise- workshop plein air painting at the beach, with Roos Schuring. The thing I never did and proven to be very useful is the use of a big paletknife. You can add colors quickly, the light changes fast so you have to be quick. Also the colors are much fresher and the strokes get very interesting. If you use the brush after that, you have beautiful marks. I just had to be aware the strokes weren't the centre of attention.

"Beachwalk", 24x30 cm, oil on panel, Katwijk aan zee

Details from "beachwalk"

Dragging all the needed stuff around is just a part of the plein air process that gets easier with time.

Start of a new painting.

Best job in the world..

I not only paint horses, I look like one in this picture

 It was cold but rewarding.

Me in my zone.
I will post the paintings -when they are dry- in my etsy shop:

Also, I am working on my new website. It was very much time for an upgrade and it should be on air soon.

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