Thursday, July 23, 2015

Waiting for mail
8x10 inch (20x25 cm)
oil on stretched canvas

This painting is SOLD

These mailboxes I found om my trip to the hill country, Texas. They were standing so patiently in the heat, leaning towards eachother.
I found the one with the Texas flag at another house. In my painting I replaced one of the mailboxes with the Texas one. It makes it just more colorful and I like, because I live here, to add a bit of Texas to a painting.
I struggled a bit to keep the background out of focus, there are a few layers of paint on this canvas, but the more texture the better. I am happy with the finished result! It makes my day when that happens, my mood depends on this...

Coffee stop
6x6 inch
oil on gessoboard

People in the city inspire me to paint- sometimes it's girlfriends shopping, sometimes it's a dogwalker who is a lookalike of his or her dog, sometimes it's a tattooed bikerider on his way somewhere, locking his bike to get a Starbucks coffee.

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