Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Gettin' the cows"
8x8 inch
oil on canvas

On a Texas ranch again, this is a combination of a few pictures and some imagination.
I adapted the background a bit to create depth - blue in the mountains and a more detailed foreground with contrasting colors (the complementary red and green). The cowboy dude also turned slowly into a different person. 
Painting from pictures is never a replica, that's what makes every painting so unique!

Of course, like always, I was stuck at some point in this one. It was quite in the beginning, I was trying different backgrounds. My daughter said: "Why do you always use the same colors, why not green or blue, that's nice".
Alright...let's try that. 
While I painted, I quickly explained some things to her (before she walked away again): "You have to be quick, to keep the looseness, see, "flats, flats", different strokes here at the foreground, some color maybe, see, some red spices it up".
Turns out this prevents me from overworking an area - I could just talk to an imaginary student next time I get stuck...

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