Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Yellow car"
5x7 inch
oil on gessobord

Parked in the shade, next to the fence of a house, this yellow car looked so peaceful. I love the color yellow and I loved the way the light just sneaked close to the car.

I started painting on gessobords again, I like the way I can move the paint around on the hard surface. It comes in phases, tomorrow I might prefer canvas again :).
I recently found out the best way to frame them is in a floater frame. There is a bit of space between the painting and the frame, so you don't lose any surface of your painting. It seems to float in the frame which makes it look really great on the wall. You glue the painting (just at the edges on the back side) onto the center of the frame or you can use double sided tape.
You can order these frames online. For example at (select frames- floater frames - add dimensions at the right. Size 5x7 inch is $16).

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