Sunday, November 22, 2015


6x6 inch
oil on gessobord
This place is the best place in Houston, in my opinion. At first we went there because it was extremely close to our house but soon we found out that each staffmember could be our best friend and the menu totally changed regularly. How great to coincidentally have such a place opposite your street! I will miss it.
Whenever I see this painting, I am back there, so, it will stay with me.
This is the last painting I post from Texas..I am going to move back to the Netherlands next week and my paintings will be packed. I can open my shop when they arrive, which should be around the 12th of december.
In the meantime, I will paint whenever I have a free minute. I have loads of Texas ideas and I cannot wait to paint them. Also, I wonder what will inspire me most when I am back home.. My future paintings will be a mix of Texas, Holland and horses, probably :)

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