Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yellow bag

"Yellow bag"
6x6 inch
oil on gessobord
A table in the sun in Houston, this is a lunchplace close to where I live. Finally the weather cools down and I am able to make terrace pictures. I paint the most interesting things in my studio at home. I like the bright sun in this one and the reflections in the window.
This is how this painting looks framed.
I have been making a few paintings lately that didn't turn out all that well in my opinion. Let's call them "studies". It is good for practice, I know, and I want to only post the paintings I am proud of but I get SO frustrated and depressed after wiping out 3 paintings. And then, when this painting worked out so well (2nd attempt..) I am sooo happy! This is a special one for me, got me back in my good mood.

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